Family in focus: Tupi

As in other conferences in the Amazonicas series, one language family will be focused for Amazonicas 5 in Belém: the Tupi family of languages.

The symposium seeks to provide an open forum to explore the state-of-art in Tupian studies. Priority will be given to those papers which present new approaches or new analyses—those which have not been previously published and which make original contributions to the knowledge of the Tupi family.  Since there are many linguists in Brazil who study Tupian languages, there will be considerable competition for acceptance of abstracts/papers.

Papers which use data from Tupian languages and which fit into the focus of either the phonology sessions (“Prosody in constituents beyond the word”) or the morphosyntax sessions (“Non-verbal predication”) should be submitted to those. Interdisciplinary papers are acceptable as long as the linguistic part is sufficiently well-developed and non-trivial to be of interest to linguists.

Topics which are encouraged include:

Diachronic linguistics, including internal classification and reconstruction
Phonetics and Phonology
Syntax and Morphology
Semantics and Lexicon

Instructions for the submission of abstracts

Abstracts (excl. references):
between 200 and 400 words
Formatting (Word and PDF):
Times New Roman 12, single space
Portuguese or Spanish or English
Deadline for submission:
01 December 2013
Notification of acceptance:
15 December 2013

The abstract should be submitted as an anonymous email attachment to:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

In the accompanying email, the title of the presentation should be specified, along with the name and the institution of the author.


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