Preceding the International Conference Amazonicas V, an intensive workshop in the digital documentation of indigenous languages will be offered during the week of 19-24 May 2014, in Belém, Pará. The workshop will be convenient for students who plan to attend the conference in the following week. Basic information follows:

Title: Intensive Workshop in Methods for the Digital Documentation of Indigenous Languages


Denny Moore, Museu Goeldi - MCTI


The building of the Conselho Nacional dos Bispos do Brasil (CNBB-Norte2)

Time period: 19-24 May 2014


The instruction will be intensive, with classes and practice projects in the morning, afternoon, and evening. The language of instruction will be Portuguese, with some translation into Spanish. Digital recording equipment will be available for hands-on learning and experimentation in student projects. Topics to be covered include:

  • Technical aspects of the various types of documentation equipment and the basis for choosing the best field equipment
  • Methods for capture of audio and video; use of microphones, lights, tripods, recorders.
  • Editing of audio and video; creation of CDs and DVDs for indigenous communities
  • Use of software to annotate data and documentation recordings
  • Systems of metadata; cataloging recordings and their content
  • Solar energy for remote areas: its capture, storage, and utilization
  • Field methods and procedures; relations with the indigenous communities
  • Ethical and legal aspects of documentation, indigenous interests and viewpoint

Student participants:

4 indigenous students

21 non-indigenous students, both graduate and undergraduate, preferably from Amazonian countries such as Brazil, Peru, Colombia, or Bolivia.


The instruction is free! Funds are being sought to pay for student room and board in the CNBB. If these are obtained then students can live and study together efficiently at no cost. Otherwise the cost of room and board per person is R$70 per day, or R$490 (about US$ 210) for one week.


Interested candidates should send the following materials in digital form (in Portuguese, Spanish or English) to the e-mail address of the workshop, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., by 15 Feb 2014. Those accepted will be notified by e-mail by 25 Feb.

  1. Academic transcript and an explanation of what the grades mean

  2. Curriculum vitae

  3. Statement of 200 words explaining why the candidate wants the training and how it will be used

Students will be selected on the basis of intellectual capacity, commitment to indigenous linguistics, and perspectives for using the training.


  • Denny Moore, linguist, Museu Goeldi
  • Glenn Shepard, anthropologist, Museu Goeldi
  • other linguists and technicians of the Museu Goeldi